Guatemala, january 25th, 2018.Among the environmentally friendly activities and support for education carried out by NaturAceites, a room was built that breaks the traditional scheme. It is an ecological classroom made from recycled material. "We developed a contest under our project" Reduce, Recycle and Reuse "in which students had to collect as much recycled material as possible, and the winner would be built an ecological classroom," said Raul Mexican, Manager of Community Relations.

NaturAceites awarded three educational centers, at the Barrio Morazán Basic Institute, , to whom the ecological classroom was built, which will be used as a computer center for a total of 325 students. As well as Tomás Leal Sánchez Elementary School and the Flavio Gutierrez Institute who will be built a school kitchen.

"We are very excited about this method of construction as well as providing a new opportunity to used and discarded PET bottles, we are teaching communities to achieve more with less optimizing the resource and making it an efficient echo "added Mejicano.




For the construction of walls, 6,500 PET containers were used, each one was filled with 5 pounds of disposable material, making a total of 32,500 pounds of recycled garbage. Besides being a more sustainable alternative to traditional constructions, these eco-bricks are much lighter and less rigid than the traditional cement blocks which makes them three times stronger, ideal for seismic countries like Guatemala.

NaturAceites will continue to support its 118 communities of influence in education and environmental care, as it has done for more than 30 years, being part of its Corporate Social Responsibility plan.