Community Development


Communities we support to improve their quality of life

We interact with more than 130 communities in our areas of influence, where in addition to bringing economic development through job opportunities, we support various programs to generate well-being and a better quality of life



Communities that benefit from our health programs

We create long-term programs to generate benefits in all our communities, as such We have supported the construction of convergence centers and health posts.

We have also collaborated to provide two ambulance services in order to provide a safe and efficient transport to the nearest hospitals. Likewise, we carry out constant medical conferences in the neighboring communities.

In this way, we benefit more than 25 communities.



Schools we support with remodeling and supplies

We believe that education is paramount for the development of people, so we seek to contribute not only with infrastructure, but also with educational programs and projects that enrich and generate added value for children in our areas of influence, through partnerships with institutions governmental.

In addition, we have supported more than 15 schools with the construction of classrooms, renovated and provided various supplies of first necessity. We are allies of the ABC Digital School educational project in Sepur Zarco together with the Tigo Foundation.

Social Inclusion


Training projects

We have an initiative to empower and empower women, under the scheme of the Best Homes program. This program consists in training women through workshops, conferences and specific interventions so that they can improve their abilities and skills related to self-esteem, hygiene, food and food management in order to achieve benefits and development for them and their families. .

In addition, we have a crop diversification project, which consists of training people from our communities of influence with technical advice so they can produce their own crops with new foods such as cocoa, cassava, citrus or marzipan in order to improve their food and generate an additional source of income for their families.

Road Access

+300 kms

road infrastructure

We believe that road infrastructure is extremely important for the economic and social development of our communities. We contribute with the maintenance of more than 300 kilometers of cart including bridge renovation, maintenance of existing infrastructure and dredging and filling of rivers, among other efforts.

In addition, we support communities in the registration of more than 160 kilometers of road.

Environmental management

Water treatment


Use of water from rivers or lakes

We believe that the care of natural resources is essential, especially water, which has an essential value for life. In the regions where we have palm oil plantations, it rains abundantly throughout the year, means by which we collect the water used in our processes.

The surplus water of the industrial process, meets the care highest of international standards and is reused. One part is sent to the composter, where organic fertilizer is generated and another part is used for sprinkler irrigation in palm plantations.

We constantly sample in surface waters that are within the area of influence of our operations. We do not use water from rivers or lakes to irrigate the plantations.



Use of insecticides

Throughout the year 2018, none of our plantations applied any type of chemical insecticide. This process was replaced by a biological insecticide developed by the agricultural laboratories of each region. Thanks to the timely monitoring and early detection of part of plant health and the planting of nectariferous plants, the incidence of pests was minimal.

Waste Management


Recycled metric tons in 2018

We have an integrated waste management respecting the 3R's: reduce recycle and reuse. We classify waste to obtain energy and operate plants through Biomass. This renewable by-product reduces the use of non-renewable fossil fuels.

In 2018, we recycled 200 metric tons. For this waste we work with several companies that have environmental permits issued by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.



Metric tons of fertilizer replaced by composting

Through our composters, we recycle the organic residues of the oil beneficiary plants and use them as organic fertilizer which returns to the plantations, naturally increasing the nutrients of the soil and our crops.

We are the The first company in the world to sell carbon credits in a compost project of oil palm by products worldwide.



Species of birds and mammals monitored for protection

We are proud to be the first palm oil company in Guatemala to perform biological monitoring of bird sightings and detection of mammals within our plantations, forest conservation areas, and areas neighboring our plantations.

In addition , we have a monitoring that includes trap cameras (non-invasive method) for the registration of wildlife.

Through our specialized laboratory, Naturalab, we work with an integrated management strategy where the biological control of pests and diseases; project that plays a fundamental role to favor biodiversity in crops.

International Certifications


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At NaturAceites we have the RSPO certification in the Polochic region, both in Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Palm Oil Crude (PKO)

The Roundtable for the Sustainability of Palm Oil, RSPO for its acronym in English, promotes the production and use of palm oil with criteria of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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FSSC 22000

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In NaturAceites we have the FSSC 22000 Certification in our Oil Refining Plant, located in Escuintla since August 2015.

It is an international standard that gives guidelines to ensure the safety of food (microbiological, chemical or particle).

For customers and consumers it is important as it guarantees that our oils, shortenings and margarines can be consumed with confidence.

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